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Toluca, State of Mexico


Vicont S.A. de C.V.

 Contact: Andres Fraga

Address: Vicont S.A. de C.V

                Cuauhtemoc No.178, Col.  
                El Carmen Totoltepec 

                Toluca, State of Mexico, CP 50200 

   Phone: (01 722) 211-7354 / 211-6041 / 275-9742 

        Fax: 216-5770 




Vicont it is a company created to provide inspection services, as well as dictate the physical, metallurgical and chemical properties of all kinds of metals, ceramics, wood, concrete, fiberglass, coatings and all materials that are part of or are components of equipment and facilities of any kind. 

Vicont, Mexico


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