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A Multi-Industry Tool


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Data you need, images you want.


The AcoustoCam™ is the NDT industry’s easiest and fastest portable imaging device, capturing thickness readings and high-resolution ultrasound C-scan images at 30 frames per second.  


Barely-visible impact damage on a composite plate
BVID C-Scan and Thickness Reading

Encircled: Barely-visible impact damage (BVID) on a 0.15" nominal thickness composite plate

Left: C-Scan image of the BVID

Right: Thickness reading of the area


Spot the difference on the screen...


Pictured below are results of ultrasound C-scan images of a section of a Schedule 40 steel pipe (0.3” wall thickness), with simulated corrosion as seen with the mapping feature of the AcoustoCam™. Thickness readings with A-scan data is presented on the right side of the screen, related to the yellow circle on the image.


AcoustoCam Mapping Feature
AcoustoCam Mapping Feature | Void


..or remotely.


The Team Viewer feature, allows experts to view real-time scans remotely.  

This also makes it possible for them to monitor and review multiple scans all at once.


Remote Monitoring | Multiple Scans
NDT Problems
NDT Solutions


The Bottom Line





Meticulous inspection

Different form aluminum, where “what you see is what you get”, strike damage on advanced materials aircraft require a more meticulous inspection when ground strikes occur.


Not enough trained professionals

The capability of inspecting large areas in a shorter time, while still being able to collect reliable data needed for NDT inspectors to evaluate such damages is in high demand.


Inefficient procedures

Most reliable tools available today are time consuming and complicated, involving long set-up procedures and highly trained technicians.  





More than just an A-Scan

The AcoustoCam™ provides instant, high resolution video images of subsurface damage without sacrificing

quantification data.


Minimal Training

Training associated with handling and operating device only takes 2 days, much less than other advanced techniques.


Saves time

The total time to setup, calibrate, and scan a 12” x 12” area is under 4 minutes. The result are a faster turnaround and increased uptime


Better analysis tools

Data can also be downloaded and reviewed on a computer.  For a more comprehensive data analysis, data can be exported to a spreadsheet application.

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