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Distributors & OEM Opportunities


Imperium, Inc. works with several distributors and integrators who implement our systems for a variety of  industrial uses. If there is an interest in exploring a relationship tailored to a specific market niche, please contact us.




The OEM relationship is for companies that wish to license the Imperium Ultrasound technology and embed it into their product.  


This relationship requires the Business Partner to make royalty payments, maintain sales minimums and provide installation and support.

Distribution Integrator


The Imperium Distribution Integrator relationship is for companies who have the ability to sell, design, build, install and support customized Ultrasonic Inspection Systems.


This relationship allows for product discounts based on sales. Imperium provides the Distribution Integrator with training and second tier support. The Distribution Integrator is responsible for all end-user customer sales, support and billing.



The Imperium Reseller relationship is for companies seeking to distribute the Imperium Ultrasound technology on a commission basis.


There are different levels of reseller based on commitments such as sales and training.

Business Alliance Application
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