Using the AcoustoCam™ is straightforward.

Power on


Once turned on, calibrate the system through our ‘One Touch’ calibration procedure.

To do so, place the camera probe on a known clean section of the target with a bit of ultrasound gel, or use one of the Imperium supplied calibration plates.


The calibration procedure takes about 10 seconds. Afterwards you’re ready to start taking data!



The inspector can either scan the part in real time mode where subsurface images and thickness readings are shown instantly over a 1” area.




through our encoder-based mapping module which turns smaller images into large ones by scanning across the target freehand. 

Composite aircraft.jpg
AcoustoCam i600 | Calibration
AcoustoCam | Review Data
AcoustoCam | USB compatible

After the data is taken it can be reviewed on the device or through our offline analysis tool.



You can review the data on the controller screen.



You can also save the data for future review.  The controller can store memory up to 1 GB RAM, and 120 GB on the hard drive.  Also, you can use a USB stick to save scans.



The offline analyzer tool can perform further

analysis and export data for downstream usage.

Offline Analysis Tool