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The biggest growth driver for the non-destructive test (NDT) training services market globally is a lack of qualified technicians.


- Frost & Sullivan, 2014



The AcoustoCam™ allows a larger audience to produce inspection data which otherwise would have required an expert. 


While effective for finding a variety of defects, standard ultrasonic systems are highly dependent on the skill of the operator. This is especially true for more advanced systems such as phased array scanners. The dependence on such skilled operators has resulted in a lack of trained technicians. This is the #1 issue facing the industry today.


The AcoustoCam™ makes UT simple. It's a portable, rugged ultrasonic testing device for rapid inspection of a variety of materials for internal defects. It's specifically designed with ease of use and speed in mind. 

A-Scan & C-Scan

Quantitative A-Scan + Imaging


The A-scan data provided has all the functionality of a conventional flaw detector, such as setting of screen range, delay, and time corrected gain.


The C-Scan provides higher resolution images than what is provided by phased array systems.

AcoustoCam i600 | A-Scan | C-Scan
AcoustoCam i600 | Area Mapping



Create area maps of unlimited size!



One-Touch Calibration
AcoustoCam i600 | Calibration

FAST Calibration


Unlike complicated phased array systems, the AcoustoCam can be calibrated and scanning can begin in just a few minutes without extensive training.


'One-touch' calibration ensures that the user is given correct quantitative defect depth data. 

Minimal Training Cost
AcoustoCam i600 | Camera Head | Pipe

Minimal training time means

minimal training cost.


The training for the AcoustoCam is under two days after which the inspector is certified for field usage. Now, inspectors don’t require years of training to get highly accurate defect data with stunning images.  

Highest-Resolution Images


Highest-Resolution Images


Corrosion, cracking, voids, delaminations of other defects show up immediately and in high resolution.  

Large area maps are generated in real time as the user scans the probe head over the target. 

AcoustoCam i600 | Corrosion Map
Offline Analysis Tool
AcoustoCam i600 | Offline Analysis Tool

Offline Analysis Tool


All high resolution imagery and A-scan data, can be stored, recalled, or transmitted to an offline analysis tool. 

Multiple Applications

Same applications, better data


The AcoustoCam can be used anywhere ultrasonic devices are used today, but provide better data.  However, most of the applications for the device are in the oil & gas, aerospace, and subsea markets. While the system can be used on a variety of targets, most of the work is done on steel, aluminum, and composites in both manufacturing and in-service settings.  


Using the AcoustoCam™ is a simple 6-step process.


The AcoustoCam™ complies with ASTM E317-11:

Standard Practice for Evaluating Performance Characteristics of Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Testing Instruments and Systems without the Use of Electronic Measurement Instruments

AcoustoCam i600 | ASTM E317-11 | Code Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions


What about curved surfaces?

The same device can be used for flat surfaces OR curved surfaces such as pipes. The device can couple to a 4” diameter pipe curvature and up.


Shear wave?

The AcoustoCam i700 can be easily adjusted from 0 degrees to 70 degrees shear to meet all your inspection needs.


How does it compare to other ultrasonic testing devices?

Compared to conventional UT flaw detectors or phased array systems, the AcoustoCam is much easier to operate. Furthermore, the resolution of the AcoustoCam is higher than phased array systems and at a lower price.  

Read more about it here.


Where can I find this device?

Imperium is the only vendor in the market for this kind of device. We have several broad patents on the device as well as 20 years of proprietary technical know-how.

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