Higher Probability of Detection (POD)

Since the user is covering 100% of the area with extremely high resolution, defects do not get missed.  Better images means better data!

Faster coverage of areas 

With a typical scan speed of 6” per second, a 12” x 12” area can be fully characterized in under 3 minutes.

Do more with less 

Now the same users who are generating waveform data can also produce high resolution images.

Eliminates multiple inspections 

Several customers have begun to use the system for a variety of different inspections, which saves cost.

Reduced training costs

Training associated with handling and operating device only takes 2 days, much less than other advanced techniques

NDT and non-NDT folks love images 

No more explaining away spreadsheets-- send engineers an image they can actually understand!

Let's compare...




UT Camera

Phased Array: TOF

Phased Array: Amplitude

All-around better images.


Stepped Steel Standard


Phased Array

X-Ray 192 Iridium

Corroded Plate


Phased Array

X-Ray 192 Iridium

Pipe Section


Phased Array

X-Ray 192 Iridium