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The Highest Resolution UT Images Available


The AcoustoCam i600™ Offers Superior Straight Beam C-scan Images

Pipes or flat plates are scanned immediately

Inspectors can be certified for field usage of the i600 in two days.

Small & Compact

Small probe allows for versatility

Quality & Repeatability

Internal defects within metals, composites and other materials are displayed with stunning quality

Higher Probability of Detection
More Accurate and Repeatable Results
Quality Images
Reduced Production Downtime



The AcoustoCam i600



  • Straight Beam Imaging

  • Automated calibration 

  • Training in two days

  • Real time C-scan mapping

  • Quantitative A-scan capture

  • Offline analysis tool

Quantitative Ultrasonic Testing Made Simple

Complies with following codes

ASTM E317-06a: Standard Practice for Evaluating Performance Characteristics of
Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Testing Instruments and Systems

ASTM 1324-11: Standard Guide for Measuring Some Electronic
Characteristics of Ultrasonic Testing Instruments

Boeing NDT Procedure: Part 4: 51-00-19 Ultrasonic Inspection of BMS 8-276 Solid
Laminate Fuselage Structures for Damage (Ultrasonic Camera)

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