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Higher POD. Reduced Downtime. Accurate & Repeatable.


The New AcoustoCam i700™ Performs 0 degree to 70 degree shear

Reduced Training

Inspectors can be certified for field usage of the i700 in three days.

A Better Tool for Corrosion & Welds

Higher resolution C-scan images than phased array or AUT of flat or curved materials up to 6" thick.

Quality & Repeatability

Produce stunning images of an entire field rather than a single pinpoint to accurately detect pitting, cracking and other defects.


Ruggedized Controller 
Built for extreme environments


IP-66 rated, 12" LED, protective features, swappable batteries, and built-in video collaboration tools. 

  • Weld inspection for cracking, lack of root penetration, lack of sidewall fusion, porosity

  • Corrosion mapping on pipes, including complex geometries

  • Composite inspection for voids, delaminations, impact damage, porosity

Higher Probability of Detection
More Accurate and Repeatable Results
Quality Images
Reduced Production Downtime



THE NEW AcoustoCam i700



  • Zero to seventy degree shear

  • Adjustable to inspect 4” pipes down to flat

  • Inspect thicknesses up to 6”

  • Low profile

  • Two dimensional freehand or mounted scanning

  • Full waveform capture

  • IP66

Multiple materials: One device.

The i700 simplifies inspections and delivers improved imaging for zero degree applications such as  composite materials, as well as angle beam weld inspection. This new real-time ultrasound camera catches potential problems before they become actual disasters or public relations nightmares for companies in the oil & gas, aerospace, power generation, nuclear or automotive industries.

Complies with following codes

ASME Section V: NDE – Nondestructive Examination

ASTM E317-06a: Standard Practice for Evaluating Performance Characteristics of
Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Testing Instruments and Systems

ASTM 1324-11: Standard Guide for Measuring Some Electronic
Characteristics of Ultrasonic Testing Instruments

AWS D1.1: Structural Welding Code – Steel

Boeing NDT Procedure: Part 4: 51-00-19 Ultrasonic Inspection of BMS 8-276 Solid
Laminate Fuselage Structures for Damage (Ultrasonic Camera)

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