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Mechanical Assembler



Imperium, Inc. has an opening for an electronics assembler with 5 to 10 years of experience in electronics assembly and testing. 



  • Pay: Hourly

  • Employment Type: Full-time

  • Location: Beltsville, MD


Minimum Qualifications:


  • 5-10 years experience in electronics assembly and testing


  Knowledge, Skills, Abilities**:

  • mechanical product assembly

  • testing of systems

  • customer support

  • ability to ship products and materials

  • ability to perform of experiments in a lab setting

  • strong organization skills

  • excellent problem solving skills

  • ability to provide good customer service/support


**Each candidate will be tested for capabilities in these areas. 


Preferred Experience:

  • ability to use lab equipment (scopes and probes)


Specific Duties:

  • system assembly & test

  • PCB level work (parts soldering, etc.)

  • cable assembly

  • lab organization

  • customer support

  • shipping/receiving


TO APPLY Send your resume to: 

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