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AcoustoCam i700 Offers Increased Probability of Detection,
Reduced Production Downtime, Accurate and Repeatable Results,
and Reduced Training Time for Field Inspectors


June 9, 2016 – BELTSVILLE, MD. Imperium, Inc. today announced the availability of its latest ultrasound camera and rugged controller system, the AcoustoCam i700.
Performing inspections from zero degree up to seventy degree shear, the Acoustocam i700 can be used for improved inspections on not only straight beam applications such as composites and pipeline corrosion mapping, but also weld and TOFD inspections using the new angle beam functionality. Imperium will debut the camera at 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing in Munich, Germany June 13 – 17, 2016 in the Baugh & Weedon booth, #B36.


The AcoustoCam i700 offers higher resolution C-scan images than either automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) or phased array systems. It creates images in flat or curved materials up to 6 inches thick and is fully compliant with most industry UT codes. The camera produces sub-millimeter images of an entire field rather than a single pinpoint – for better detection of pitting, cracking and other defects. Large area maps are created in real time and reviewed off-line via analysis reporting tools. As a result, the detection of flaws is increased while false positives are reduced.


The AcoustoCam i700 camera empowers companies in the oil and gas, aerospace,
power generation, nuclear and automotive industries with the ability to see what they couldn’t previously.


A versatile tool that supports myriad applications, this new, real-time ultrasound is compliant with several procedures and codes, including:

  • ASME Section V: NDE – Nondestructive Examination

  • ASTM E317-06a: Standard Practice for Evaluating Performance Characteristics

  • of Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Testing Instruments and Systems

  • ASTM 1324-11: Standard Guide for Measuring Some Electronic Characteristics

  • of Ultrasonic Testing Instruments

  • AWS D1.1: Structural Welding Code – Steel

  • Boeing NDT Procedure: Part 4: 51-00-19 Ultrasonic Inspection of BMS 8-276

  • Solid Laminate Fuselage Structures for Damage (Ultrasonic Camera)


“The AcoustoCam i700 allows for inspections to continue without shutting down pipelines or pressure vessels – a huge win for oil and gas companies that are otherwise forced to defer production and associated revenue to verify historically unreliable pinpoint or AUT readings,” noted Danny Keck, an NDT industry consultant. “Pictures tell the real story. With the images delivered by Imperium’s technology, companies can make more informed decisions to address corrosion or other potential flaws.”


Inspectors are certified for usage of the i700 in three days – significantly reducing costs associated with training and hiring, as well speeding the process of getting the camera into use in the field. Imperium provides on-site camera calibration and training, as well as is available for custom procedure development.


Ruggedized Controller for Use in Nearly Any Environment


The AcoustoCam i700 features Imperium’s new, ruggedized controller that extends the use of the camera to extreme environments. The controller is IP-66 rated, has a 12-inch LED display, two swappable batteries, and a built-in handle, bumpers and kickstand. In addition, the unit features an integrated camera, speaker, microphone and multiple USB ports that support real-time video collaboration.


The enhanced controller is now also standard on new shipments of the AcoustoCam i600 and available as an upgrade to cameras already in use in the field.




The AcoustoCam i700 is now available. The core camera and controller technology
components can also be leveraged for custom applications. To learn more or schedule a demonstration, contact Imperium, Inc. at or +1 (301) 431-2900, ext. 111.


About Imperium
Founded in 1996, Imperium develops and markets handheld ultrasonic devices to NDT professionals who need to inspect quickly large surface areas while maintaining submillimeter image resolution. The lack of heavily-trained personnel drove the Company to develop the Acoustocam, which generates subsurface images that are easily understood and interpreted. Headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland, Imperium conducts all engineering, development, and manufacturing (including full semiconductor processing) in its 6,000-square foot facility. With clients around the world, Imperium is dedicated to delivering top-quality, user-friendly ultrasonic imaging products for use in a variety of industrial applications. For more information, visit Imperium's website at


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June 9, 2016 News

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June 13-17, 2016
WCNDT 2016 Annual Conference


Munich, Germany
The 2016 Annual Conference will be held at the Internationales Congress Center München in Munich, Germany the week of June 13, 2016. More than 2200 participants are already registered and the event is mostly sold out. 

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