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FirstMap™ by Imperium - the Corrosion Mapping Application the Oil and Gas Industry Has Been Waiting for 


The data you expect. The images you want.


10-25-2012 – BELTSVILLE, MD – Imperium is pleased to announce the introduction of its newest ultrasonic camera, FirstMap™ . The FirstMap™ Corrosion Mapping system has been designed specifically for the Petrochemical industry, offering a revolutionary view into oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks. 

Accurate testing and inspection for materials corrosion is a crucial aspect to keeping plants and pipelines online and functional. Oil and gas leaks require taking production off-line, cause major environmental damage and can result in lengthy public relations nightmares.

Due to the large areas that must be inspected, the inspection process is very time consuming and tedious. Potential problems are easy to overlook and the complex inspection techniques involved have created a shortage of qualified technicians. 

The FirstMap™ Corrosion Mapping system incorporates specialized modifications to facilitate scanning curved pipelines with greater accuracy and to quickly and easily evaluate the large surfaces of storage tank bottoms. For the first time, users can immediately see a complete picture of the area being inspected. Technicians can see corrosion problems on the spot and generate a comprehensive data and visual representation of the problem.

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