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Offshore Inspection Challenges 

Subsea pipeline inspection is among the most difficult to perform. This environment is made more difficult due to the lack of qualified divers who are also experts in specific NDT disciplines.


Currently there is no one tool that can handle multiple inspections subsea. Furthermore, current inspection techniques require coating removals, an expensive and time consuming endeavor.

An All-In-One Solution

Through a licensing arrangement and joint development project with Subsea 7, we have developed an exciting tool which can perform multiple inspections. Before developing this tool, Subsea 7 and Imperium listened to the requirements of offshore operators to understand the shortfalls of existing techniques. Fundamental requirements included real time data acquisition and rapid data generation. In many cases this can be done without the need for coating removal.
Controlled and monitored topside, the diver handheld solution address inspection for subsea corrosion mapping, weld inspection and other needs. Defects are all sized and thicknesses recorded with high accuracy.
Other applications of the subsea camera include ship hull inspection, in-service storage tank inspection, and many others.
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