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Consolidate Subsea Inspections. Save Time. Do More With Less.


The New AcoustoCam Subsea

Diver Handheld

Developed in collaboration with Subsea 7, this represents a step change in subsea inspection 

Inspect different materials, including through coatings

Steel, stainless, polymers, composites and other materials can now be inspected with a single device


Corrosion, voids, weld defects appear instantly. All inspections are monitored topside through fiber optic cable.


The AcoustoCam Subsea



  • Rated to 300 meters

  • Non-contact with 25 mm standoff 

  • Up to 50 mm (2") wall thickness

  • Full A-scan capture

  • Pipeline inspection

  • Through many coatings

  • Consolidates several inspections

  • Real time data capture

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