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Our goal is to improve imaging capability and user-friendliness for ultrasound users in a variety of market settings -- including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, & Aerospace. 


It has long been accepted that ultrasound requires specialized users who can interpret these images. 

Imperium's patented ultrasound camera technology means that

non-specialized users can effectively utilize tools to 'see inside' targets

Through both direct and indirect sales channels, as well as working with flagship OEM's

in different industries, this capability has become a reality. 


Imperium DAV Technology

Imperium has built a unique blend of technical expertise in the fields of optics, video imaging systems, focal plane imaging arrays, and acoustics. 

The basis of the Acoustocam is a unique, patented focal plane array which we produce at our semiconductor processing facility. 

100% Client Support


We fully support all of our clients through a series of training and support programs, ensuring that our customers are successful in using our products.


Current clients can visit our Resource Center for information, tutorials, and software upgrades.

Imperium Inc Earth Products Limited China


Intellectual Property


Imperium has proactively invested in intellectual property since its founding in 1996.

The company now owns several broad patents. These patents, along with a broad range of trade secrets, will protect our position in the marketplace for many years to come.

US Patent # 6,552,841: Ultrasonic Imager

US Patent # 6,971,991: Apparatus for Multi-modal Plane Wave Ultrasound Imaging

US Patent # 7,370,534: Multi-Angle Ultrasound Imager
US Patent # 8,641,620: Hand-held ultrasound imaging device and techniques

Product Development, Manufacturing & Marketing


We have extensive capabilities for electronics and system prototyping, test, and manufacturing, ensuring smooth development and transition to production.  We have reacted quickly to many market embodiments of our device. 

 In addition to marketing our products directly, we have formed several key alliances whereby OEM customers are leveraging the technology in to support new application directions that suit their strategic business needs.


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