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In the Aerospace industry, composite materials are increasingly being used in the construction of commercial aircrafts.  The AcoustoCam™ can easily inspect these materials.

50% Composites


20% Aluminum


15% Titanium


10% Steel


5% Other

Certified by Boeing


Boeing’s procedure for the AcoustoCam™ is available to all 787 Dreamliner owners.

Compsites have benefits and drawbacks.



Composites are lighter and stronger than their traditional aluminum equivalents, allowing newer aircrafts to fly faster, farther and to carry more weight.



Unlike aluminum, composite materials

may not show damage if there are certain types of impact to the aircraft.  


Thus, inspection systems operated by highly trained technicians may be called to the scene to verify aircraft integrity.


The resulting delay leads to lost revenue as aircraft must be removed from service in addition to the considerable equipment and personnel costs associated with existing ultrasonic test (UT) systems.


Check out real time inspection of aerospace composite

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Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial spaceline. They offer company that has leveraged the latest composite structures in their Spaceship Two suborbital vehicle. Based on the prototype SpaceShipOne, the new generation of Virgin Galactic spacecraft has been designed to provide the ultimate space flight experience. Across the globe, hundreds of Virgin Galactic future astronauts are preparing to turn their dreams into reality.

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