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Our goal is to improve imaging capability and user-friendliness for ultrasound users to inspect composite materials.


It has long been accepted that ultrasound requires specialized users who can interpret these images. 

Imperium's patented ultrasound camera technology means that

non-specialized users can effectively utilize tools to 'see inside' targets

Through both direct and indirect sales channels, as well as working with flagship OEM's

in different industries, this capability has become a reality. 


Imperium has built a unique blend of technical expertise in the fields of optics, video imaging systems, focal plane imaging arrays, and acoustics. 

The basis of the Acoustocam is a unique, patented focal plane array.

Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial spaceline. They offer company that has leveraged the latest composite structures in their Spaceship Two suborbital vehicle. Based on the prototype SpaceShipOne, the new generation of Virgin Galactic spacecraft has been designed to provide the ultimate space flight experience. Across the globe, hundreds of Virgin Galactic future astronauts are preparing to turn their dreams into reality.

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